Zero Additives. Just Pure Beef.

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AA or Higher Canadian and USDA Graded Beef

We purchase Canadian AA or higher beef, ensuring that you'll get the better cuts for your needs.  We will cut to order, any steaks and roasts, to your liking.  Fresh ground beef is ground daily on the premises, for freshness; pure beef with no additives.

Premium Cut Steaks

  • Striploin
  • Top Sirloin
  • Ribeye
  • Tenderloin

Marinating Steaks

  • Sirloin Tip
  • Inside Round
  • Outside Round
  • Eye of Round
  • Blade

Stew & Fast Fry

  • Stew Beef
  • Beef Stir Fry
  • Minute Steaks
  • Fast Fry

Premium Roasts

  • Striploin Tip
  • Ribeye
  • Top Sirloin

Oven Roasts

  • Rump Roast
  • Outside Round
  • Inside Round
  • Eye of Round

Simmering Beef

  • Blade Roast
  • Blade Steak


  • Centre Cut Beef Back Ribs

Ground Beef

  • Extra Lean
  • Lean
  • Regular

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